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Planning on building a house? Or maybe already building it? Based on our experience, we will consult you, make detailed material and price estimates, arrange expeditious delivery of building materials, will perform quality construction works.

Our goal is, taking into account each client’s needs, to provide optimal and reasoned solutions in the field of building material purchase and work performance, so that each client would be satisfied both looking at his house from the outside, and living inside it.

We work directly with manufacturers, so we are always ready to provide quick answers to your questions, promptly supply building materials at favourable prices to the objects: from building blocks, ceilings, roofing to facade, including thermal insulating materials, clinker bricks, facade tiles, paving blocks, windows etc.

We represent manufacturers of building materials well-known in Lithuania and Europe: Lode, Rokų Keramika, Aeroc, Ytong, Simpras, Eternit Akmene, Katepal, Creaton, Roben, Deppe, Nelissen, Muhr, Janinhoff, Vandersanden, Feldhaus Klinker, ABC Klinkergruppe, Laumans, Ecoklinker, Eurovent, Bolix, Kerabit, Alpol, Yetico, Raiko etc.

The quality of the goods we supply is guaranteed by manufacturer-owned international certificates and market-tried facts. Our range includes more than 500 different clinker bricks, clinker tiles of 200 colours, 1,000 types of weathered bricks, 200 types of ceramic and concrete tiles, 50 types of clinker tiles in various formats and colours.

We strive to bring innovative solutions in the field of building materials, which would combine the latest technologies and growing needs of consumers.

We welcome for cooperation all private persons that are building or reconstructing their houses, contractors, construction and commercial organisations as well as architects and designers — each and every in search of the optimal price of construction materials, reliable supply of materials or simply an advice realising innovative architectural solution.


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